Retailer remodel BI analytical environment

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25 de May de 2020
Andrade GC reduces costs and speeds up the decision-making process
25 de May de 2020

Large retailer upgrades their BI analytical environment with Horus Solutions. The company invests in a big change in the way they monitor the business.



The upgrade was necessary due to the time it took for the information from the previous day to became available for the BI, which was two days. Additionally, the ETL was very complex, which made the environment susceptible to failures and errors; the company used pre-formatted cubes, which inhibited the user from exploring other scenarios with the same data set; the use of resources was restricted; the concentration of “heavy” reports compromised the operation of the environment as a whole, as well as the lack of control over the alteration of records, which prevented the analysis of old data.


In total, the SAP solutions implemented were: Business Objects, Adaptive Server IQ, Replication Server RTL and SAP Data Integrator. These solutions made the use of data by managers more agile and reliable for decision making. In addition, it brought agility to end users, since the time to generate reports went from hours to a few seconds.


At the end of the project, the customer had considerable efficiency gains in the operations for stores, CDs, telemarketing and administration, as the existing bottlenecks, due to the high consumption reports executed in the transactional environment, were eliminated.

“There was a drastic change in the way of monitoring business indicators, after the distribution of analytical data for decision-making based on real-time data. The customer can already feel the benefits generated by the update. Horus met the requirements in support, services, terms and costs”, adds Fernando Ercolin, the company's Chief Technology Officer. “The partnership with this large retail company is already old and consolidated. We always talk to align the customer's need with a solution that better meets their demands and improve services and strategic technologies for the company ”, concludes Vinicius Feltrin, Commercial and Operations Director at Horus.