“Betha Sistemas decided to hire Horus due to an urgent need, at the time on a temporary capacity. However, even though we are still in the first year, we can say with authority that today our intention is completely different. We have a mission-critical system, and as we have had previous experiences with other companies, which unfortunately weren’t so good, we were a little resistant. But with Horus the work has been completely different and we are very happy with all the support we received. In addition to the speedy service, we feel safe and confident in the “DBA as a Service” service, where all our needs have been technically resolved and met with sufficient details to make us feel safe. Moreover, we manage what we hired, through the Horus Portal, and we also count on Falcon to monitor our services. Betha Sistemas undoubtedly endorses Horus’ service. ”

Ezequiel Garcia, Research and Development Manager, Betha

“Horus has been providing support to our institution for more than 12 years, providing services and technical advice, more specifically in relation to the issues of use, configuration, installation and performance of our Database Management System. We feel safe with the prompt service of its trained technical team that meets our needs.”

Sandro Teixeira, Development Manager, UEPG

“TRÍADE PROJETOS E CONSULTORIA considers as a differential in its performance, that in addition to being a supplier, it must also seek to be a partner of its customers. And to achieve this objective, it applies this as criteria when choosing its suppliers, and HORUS SOLUTIONS since the beginning of its services with TRÍADE has shown its expertise, commitment and flexibility, and through this strong partnership, it leaves us safe to keep our business and take on new challenges”.

Gustavo Machado Vieira, Director of Management, Technology and Innovation, TRÍADE PROJETOS E CONSULTORIA

“We have been Horus’ customer since 2014. The company has a highly qualified team that has fully attended to the demands of varying levels of complexity and criticality; They work with seriousness, responsibility and a lot of technical knowledge. The cordiality, punctuality and companionship are also notable, in short: professionalism; The company also uses modern tools for monitoring and preventing ‘real time’ incidents, which allow a good level of proactivity; ”


Wilson José Platner – Head of the Software Infrastructure Division – TJPR

“The attention that HORUS has given us is undoubtedly what stands out. Counting on the HORUS as a partner brings us more peace of mind, as we know that whenever we need it, we will have high quality attentive specialized professionals.”

Marcos Lomba, Localiza

“Horus has been providing us with their services since 2011.  The consultants are always helpful, quick and efficient. I definitely recommend Horus to other companies. Last year, they were among our top 5 suppliers, winning the Supplier Award A+!”


Elaine Ferreti, White Engines

“Horus is a well-structured company, very competent and deeply committed to delivering results to their customers. We felt safe when hiring their DB2 Support service. Every time their services were requested, we were promptly attended to and always with effective results.”

Fernando Hamad, Transmaroni Logística e Transportes

“I have been working with Horus for more than 10 years, in two different companies. I hired training, support and cyclic maintenance in databases and specific support in some projects. I have always been attended to with a high level of professionalism and technical qualities. They really care about our success.”


Henrique Martins dos Santos, IT Manager, Sustainable Energy in Brazil

“We have been Horus customers since 2004, we have always been very well served. We trust in the quality of the professionals and in the seriousness of the company, which has always presented objective responses and documented and focused work. I definitely recommend Horus services to all companies.”


André Luiz Souza, IT Manager at Pilar Hospital