Database Monitoring Solution

Falcon is Horus Solutions' solution which goes beyond the monitoring of the database environment; it brings peace and security to your company. The solution adapts to the behavior of the Database environment and provides accurate and secure information and metrics, based on its learnings.

Performance, Security and Costs

These are the biggest concerns of the IT Manager. Falcon platform contributes to the reduction of these factors, because in addition to monitoring the database, it detects problems and anticipates possible occurrences of failures.

Database in the hands of experts

With a highly specialized team with proven database expertise, Horus Solutions assists your company in ensuring the compliance with the SLAs required by the business area.

24x7 real-time monitoring

The entire database environment is monitored by Agent Falcon and, based on the environment's behavior, our consultants apply preventive and corrective measures, while your team focuses on your business.

Anticipating Problems

An exclusive Horus monitoring platform, which assess its database constantly, acting in the prevention of problems and incidents, anticipating future occurrences, thus preventing its business from being affected.

Supported DBMSs

MySQL; PostgreSQL; Oracle; MS SQL Server; IBM DB2; IBM Informix; SAP Sybase ASE; SAP Sybase IQ

parallax background

Trust is leaving database monitoring in the hands of those who really understand its environment

Benefits of the Solution

Falcon’s Competence

Technology, experience, monitoring: Actions which generate results

Falcon’s Operation

Horus Solutions developed the Falcon Agent to bring peace of mind to the IT department regarding databases. All the information about the monitored services is captured, stored in a database and sent to Falcon servers. The data is processed and analyzed by the consultants and based on this information, the technical team develops maintenance, prevention and prediction action plans.

Data Capture

The Agent Falcon was developed with its own scripts that capture all information from the customer's environment, in a non-intrusive way, that do not cause any intervention or excessive use of resources in the monitored environment.


Falcon creates files containing information about: database, operating system and periodic routines. These files are sent to the agent's servers through an exclusive port defined by the client. All with the highest information security and agility.

Diagnostic Analysis

Horus consultants watch and analyze all the activities through tables, graphs and dashboards and based on this information, they predict possible threats and develop preventive measures to maintain the database environment, without affecting operations.

Consulting and Maintenance

Horus plans the maintenance schedules and consultancy, question or clarification that the client needs, offering security and agility in the answers and focus on what is really important for the client.

360º Client Dashboard

A dashboard available online and via app on mobile with a complete view (360 degrees) of the customer's environment, both in terms of database and operating system, presenting in real time all the performance indicator and preventive actions.

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