Workload Replay

What is Workload Replay?

Workload Replay is a process that captures the entire workload of a production server to recreate this workload in a test environment allowing you to perform tests in your database environment in a realistic and accurate way. With Workload Replay it is much more reliable to:

Upgrade database version

Changes parameters and schemes

Upgrade operating system and patches

Upgrade hardware and migrate


Version updates and platform migrations can be measured and compared, assessing their impact before implementing any changes in production.

Passive capture of workload that does not require changes / connections / applications installed on your production database system.

The recording of the production workload can be done for several days without any application running in your production database, without additional use of disk, IO or CPU on the production host.

Tests and upgrades of datacenter infrastructure components with complete confidence, knowing that the changes were actually tested and validated using real production scenarios.

How does it work?

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Workload Replay is not a load simulator nor a script

Why choose Workload Replay?

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