Andrade GC reduces costs and speeds up the decision-making process

Retailer remodel BI analytical environment
25 de May de 2020
BMG achieved a 20% real gain in performance
25 de May de 2020

With a Business Analytics project by Horus, Andrade GC Advogados reduced costs and speeded up the decision-making process. Project contemplated changes in the process monitoring system.



Andrade GC Advogados' main need was a solution capable of providing, through reading the database, dashboards and reports with critical information from the process base of each customer company, with high availability, for better management and support for strategic decision making and, thus, facilitating assessments and reducing the risks of the company as a whole.


Horus Solutions developed a project for Andrade GC Advogados defining IBM Cognos 10.2 as the main BI suite. The system offers Cognos Report Studio, the main tool for producing reports and professional dashboards; Cognos Workspace Advanced, tool for quick information consultation and for simpler reports; Cognos Workspace, Dashboard for information control; in addition to Oracle 11G, as an information repository database and Kettle (Data Integration 5.3.0) as a loading tool.


The process of compiling and updating the data that used to take up to 2 days was fully automated and the information is updated every 20 minutes. With the integrated solution, the office now offers greater security and agility of information, authorship of internal procedures and time savings.

Data cross-referencing, which was previously very difficult for the team do, now it allows for better customer assessment, mainly for monthly checking of contract profitability, risk of the office's performance considering the value involved in the actions and the productivity of the professionals. “The information we are able to generate for clients today has already made us win bids with national offices”, explains Catharina Santos, Financial and Administrative Controller at Andrade GC Advogados.

Also according to Catharina Santos, “Currently, in order to have a successful business, it is essential to have total control over the data environment. The IBM solution made it possible for the litigation information, which was previously managed in Excel spreadsheets, to be gathered in a single location, offering precision regarding the processes, identifying procedural failures and preventing new demands. The new system already saves time. We expect to see considerable cost reduction in the future.”

Additionally, Andrade GC Advogados now follows the office's data in a simpler way and in real-time, considering financial vision, productivity, evaluation of internal procedures and the creation of a differentiated legal service provision, thus increasing the profitability of the clients contracts, as they are able to assess each customer more accurately.

“Cognos is not a system simple to understand and not for ordinary users, on the other hand, we believe that the format of the presentation, training and language provided by Horus allowed us to profit from it quickly. Good performance and services by a supplier always guarantee priority in future demands. The service and support provided by Horus exceeded expectations. We are lawyers and sometimes it hard for us to understand the language of IT professionals. However, in this case, we could feel the improvement in such a short time. So, it is worth to highlighting the positive performance of the team ”.