Lojas MM implement a monitoring solution from Horus.

The University of Santa Catarina had a reduction of 75% in logical I/O consumption and 92% in physical I/O
25 de May de 2020

Lojas MM migrate the database to the cloud and deploy Falcon monitoring solution from Horus Solutions. Retailers from the State of Parana invest in infrastructure to have less downtime and bring more benefits to their customers.



Aware of the lack of local infrastructure, the retail chain of Lojas MM decided to move its entire infrastructure to the cloud (Move to Cloud). For this, the company sought Horus Solutions, a company which specializes in Information Management, to carry out the migration safely and with the lowest downtime of the environment as possible. In addition to Move to Cloud, there was a need to optimize the performance of their database, a situation in which Lojas MM had a history of downtimes of their PostgreSQL Database Manager during important dates for retail.

For this, the chain opted for the Falcon solution, also from Horus Solutions. The companies started the partnership in January 2017, ”after Lojas MM became convinced, in the project's negotiation phase, that Horus had the ideal knowledge to carry out this transition which is as complex as it is important for our operations. Horus professionals have always sought to understand what our desires and needs were with the project, and to devise a solution that met our expectations”, says Fernando Silvério, Controllership, IT and Adm Manager at Lojas MM.


The first stage of the project was aimed at moving Lojas MM's databases to the cloud. As it is a system that serves the entire retail chain, the change needed to take the shortest downtime possible. “For this, we use a Hot-Standby data replication solution in PostgreSQL that would enable data migration in a fraction of the time compared to the traditional backup and restore process,” says Vinicius Feltrin, commercial and operations director at Horus Solutions.

In order to develop this solution, more than 30 hours were used only in the construction of the new environment and preparation for migration, without generating any kind of interruption in the services. After the preparation and validation, the migration of the environment was performed as all systems stopped using the databases in site to use the databases in the cloud and the whole process generated less than 20 minutes of downtime. “In addition to the agility offered by the solution for the migration, we also offered the speed to undo the change if necessary, which would occur in the same 20 minutes”, comments Feltrin.

This was the greatest difficulty in the implementation (transferring environments to the cloud with the shortest downtime possible), “because it required the development of a refined strategy for replicating and adapting database instances, in view of the coexistence and need for constant integration between the different systems”, reports Feltrin. The second moment was the beginning of the process of renovating the environment using Horus' monitoring solution, Falcon.

“With it, it was possible to identify bottlenecks and offer alternatives, whether to adjust the parameterization or reconstruct the consultations, in order to optimize the available resources and, mainly, guarantee total availability of the environment during the main sales windows such as Saturdays, or important dates such as Mother's Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc. ”, says Feltrin. The Falcon platform guarantees the health and availability of database services, in addition to monitoring them, detecting problems in potential and anticipating the possible occurrences of failures. “Falcon ultimately enables effective control and governance of database environments and also contributes to cost reduction, such as incident mitigation. After the implementation, we were able to allocate resources to other projects, as we now have the assurance that our database is in good hands. It is also important to emphasize that everything went according to the project, without any difficulties”, concludes Silvério.


The highlight of the project was the transition to the cloud with safely with the lowest downtime possible and, mainly, the guarantee that Lojas MM has a stable, scalable environment that can ensure the sales operations without downtimes, as a result of preventive management offered by Falcon and all the improvements implemented. Among the gains that Lojas MM obtained with the operation, the following stand out:
• Effective control over the governance of database environments, allowing their monitoring in real time and control over their availability;
• Stability in customer services, thus preventing losses due to inability to operate;
• Optimization and scalability of environments for critical sales periods;
• Economy, by keeping the original size of the infrastructure, but with an extended capacity of operation.