Fujioka achieves a performance gain of 30%

Financial institution increased its performance by 45%
25 de May de 2020
Retailer remodel BI analytical environment
25 de May de 2020

The project for Fujioka Eletro Imagem lasted approximately 4 months. The customer needed a solution to simplify the high availability architecture of the SAP ASE database environment.



The new high availability solution should offer minimal downtime, be transparent to users and applications and completely eliminate the need for human intervention and advanced technical knowledge as the current environment. The customer also wanted to use the resources available on the servers involved in high availability architecture, in order to use more efficiently the resources of the two servers, without, however, compromising the good performance of the environment in an eventual need of operation in contingency mode, when one of the servers fails. Another challenge in this project was the integration and maintenance effort of the database environments that had the recent data and the operation and the historical database, which were on secret servers and database instances.


Horus implemented SAP ASE Cluster 15.7. For this, licenses for 16 colors of SAP ASE Cluster Edition were purchased.


With this solution, the immediate performance gain was, on average, over 30%. The time for complete recovery of the environment, in the event of a server failure, dropped from hours to minutes, without the need for human intervention.

The workload distribution between servers is now done in an optimized and intelligent way, making the most efficient use of resources available. All load distribution is completely transparent to users and applications. Finally, the Corporate and Administrative Environments now reside in the same instance, eliminating “bottlenecks” of accesses that existed in the past.