Financial institution increased its performance by 45%

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25 de May de 2020
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25 de May de 2020

Financial institution migrates its database and obtains a 45% increase in its performance. This 720-hour project was implemented by Horus Solutions.



To keep its operations running smoothly and manage its vital data, the company used the Sybase ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) 12.5.3 database manager on a large scale. But due to a lag in the tool and the lack of support from the supplier, it was needed to update the solution to a new version, SAP Sybase ASE 15.7.


To perform a safe migration of its database, without any critical operational risks, the Institution relied on the services of Horus Solutions, a Brazilian company which specializes in Business Analytics and Information Management, to implement the Exact Solutions stress test software - iReplay.

The demonstration of the product and its potential associated with the execution of the processes were crucial factors for the choice. The institution was looking for a partner with a different profile because it has well-defined values and found in Horus transparency, reliability, as well as value for money for this investment.

“The iReplay service is hosted on SAP Sybase ASE servers and continuously reads the network interfaces, writing all TDS packages that are trafficked against the database server into a dedicated repository. The service is not intrusive to the instances and the packet capture process has minimal overhead on the server”, explains Fernando Ercolin, Information Management Consultant at Horus Solutions.

IReplay allowed us to reproduce the workload in a test/homologation environment equivalent to the Institution's production environment, allowing the new version or platform to be tested in real conditions of use, ensuring that potential problems were not omitted due to the lack of significant workload.


After four months of design and a total of 720 hours, iReplay provided a comparative analysis of all commands that were captured during collection in production, presenting a report with all deviations in behavior in the new version and a report with all commands that showed errors.

According to Fernando Ercolin, “In addition to mitigating the risks of the migration process, with very little involvement from the testing and approval teams, which were focused only on functional tests, it was also possible to test different scenarios of configuration and adjustments in the applications in order to establish the best scenario from the performance point of view, where it was possible to achieve a real performance gain of 45% in relation to the scenario prior to the migration”.

IReplay also allowed that, in cases where there was a change in infrastructure, the new scenario was evaluated and validated in the real conditions of use, thus being able to eliminate problems encountered before the final change and understand the profile of resource consumption in the new scenario in comparison with the current one.