BMG achieved a 20% real gain in performance

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25 de May de 2020
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25 de May de 2020

BMG achieved a 20% real gain in response time performance for users compared to the previous migration scenario, through a Horus Solutions project. The iReplay load reproduction solution made it possible to migrate the database free of critical operational risks.



Banco BMG identified the need to carry out updates to its Database system. As the system supports BMG's main and vital operations, it was essential to perform these upgrades safely, without affecting the operations of customers and employees. BMG Bank used the Sybase ASE 15.5 database manager to serve a range of business. In the event of unavailability of the manager, a large part of the company's operations would be affected. The version was out of date and an update was made to SAP Sybase ASE 15.7. The greatest difficulty was to ensure that the database migration was implemented free of critical operational risks, even if the operation was tested and approved, as the scope of the tests carried out in a timely manner and with human intervention would not achieve the necessary sampling size, even less it would test the environment in real situations of use.


To meet the Bank's need and ensure that the database migration was implemented safely and accurately, Horus Solutions developed the project based on the iReplay solution, an alternative to the traditional load simulator and scripting tools.

According to Jonas Ribeiro de Aquino, BMG's production and technology manager, in the first upgrade attempt, “a downgrade was necessary when we identified some flaws in the process. We needed to identify these problems before putting the system into production”.

Aquino says that “Horus was chosen for its expertise in projects for updating the Database Manager version linked to tests and workload reproduction, using the Exact Solutions iReplay tool.” “This last contract includes the capture of the workload in the productive environment, reproduction of the workload in a separate environment, testing of changes in configuration and optimization of the database server, optimization of SQL commands with higher consumption of resources, considering the change of versions, and analysis of the results, considering all reproductions made ”, says Vinicius Feltrin, executive manager of Horus Solutions.


Horus Solutions' relationship with Banco BMG has existed since 2012, originated from advisory services regarding databases. In addition to having managed to mitigate the risks of the application process, with very little participation from the testing and approval teams, which were focused only on the function tests, it was also possible to test various configuration features and adjustments in the applications used accordingly. with the best performance point of view scenario, where it was possible to achieve a real performance gain without response for users of about 20% compared to the scenario before applying, recovering greater agility in the use of application systems and operational improvement operational.

It is recommended that migrations of versions and/or platform are always validated by a workload execution test very similar to the activity of the production environment, in order to identify the behavior of the new version under conditions of intense use.

“iReplay is the ideal tool for this, as it allows you to reproduce the workload in a test/homologation environment equivalent to the production environment, allowing the new version or platform to be evaluated within real conditions of use, ensuring that potential problems are not omitted due to the absence of a significant workload ”, concludes Feltrin

Jonas Ribeiro de Aquino points out that “the installation went very smoothly. Horus’ people were very agile, effective and everything went well”. Because of the effectiveness of the solution, BMG is considering expanding the contract: "We are evaluating Horus's monthly support contract and training for the development team and administrators," concludes Aquino.