Workshop (WDB13)

Oracle Performance and Tuning for Developers

DURATION: 24 hours


Introduction to Oracle architecture
Utilities and Tools
Physical design
Access methods
Concurrency and locks
Joins and Sort
Introduction to PL/SQL
General recommendations

Recommended for:

Developers working with the Oracle database who want to optimize the data access performance of their applications.

Skills acquired:

An overview of the Oracle Database and the functioning of the instance;
Describe particularities of the SQL language and SQL*Plus commands;
Present common objects in a database and the best way to use them with a focus on performance;
Present constraints and their importance for relational integrity;
To present the methodology for building performance-driven queries;
Describe Oracle’s programming features with PL/SQL for packages, UDFs and triggers;
Describe the process of optimizing queries and data access statistics;
Describe data access methods;
Present good practices in physical database design;
Present utilities and tools for query optimization.


Prior knowledge of Oracle database access tools
Knowledge in SQL language


3 days (9am to 6pm)

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