Workshop (WDB11)

Informix Dynamic Server Introduction and Administration

DURATION: 40 hours

Overview of IDS architecture and its components and functionality
Client/server access and connectivity tools
SQL language review and IDS features
Transactional control
Using temporary tables
Introduction to stored procedures and triggers
Installing and setting IDS instances
IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) terminology
IDS data types
Creating and maintaining databases and their objects
Data integrity and constraints
Data access security
Disk space management and monitoring
Partitioning and parallelism overview
Optimizer of queries, statistics and access plans
IDS utilities
Backup and restore using ONTAPE
Memory management
Virtual processors (VPs) and threads
Managing the logical and physical logs
Monitoring and problem identification

Recommended for:

Database administrators (DBAs), system administrators and developers who need to access or manage an IDS database environment.

Skills acquired:
Knowledge of IDS architecture, functionalities and access tools
Understand the differences and peculiarities of the IDS SQL dialect
Identify and select the most suitable data types to store
Create and maintain databases, tables and indicators
Implement referential integrity and entity integrity
Understanding table partitioning and parallelism
Identify the importance of the query optimizer and the impact of statistics on access plans
Identify and use the different transactional concurrency control techniques
Control data access security
Use the main IDS utilities
Create and set IDS instances and databases
Manage tables and temporary files
Define and implement the best disk space allocation and management strategy and mechanisms
Use ontape to implement backup and restore routines
Set and manage logical and physical logs
Plan and set memory usage
Monitor activity and identify problems in the IDS environment

Basic knowledge of SQL language (desirable)
Knowledge of relational database design concepts
Knowledge of UNIX and/or Windows environment

5 days (9am to 6pm)

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