Workshop (WDB09)

Performance and Tuning for Sybase ASE Administrators

DURATION: 24 hours


Performance and tuning concepts and principles
Overview of ASE internal architecture
Support tools for performance analysis
Considerations about locking schemes and their effect on performance
Working with multiprocessor servers (MPS)
Memory management in ASE – adjusting data caches and large I/O
Procedure cache settings and adjustment
Optimizing disk usage – physical I/O
Working with tempdb
Optimizer statistics
Parallelism Considerations
Optimizing the use of BCP
Implementing execution priorities for users

Recommended for:

Database administrators (DBAs), system administrators and professionals involved in administration, monitoring and performance tuning activities in Sybase ASE environments

Skills acquired:

Detailed view of the ASE architecture and internal product aspects
Knowledge of tools for monitoring and analyzing performance in an ASE environment
Knowledge base to identify and fix performance bottlenecks through parameter setting and/or redistribution of disk objects
Knowledge to support development teams in server performance


Knowledge of SQL language
Knowledge of relational database design concepts
Knowledge of Sybase ASE administration
Knowledge of UNIX and/or Windows environment


3 days (9am to 6pm)

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