Workshop (WDB08)

Performance and Tuning for Sybase ASE Administrators

DURATION: 32 hours


Review of ASE architecture and connectivity
Lock and concurrency considerations
Creation and maintenance of databases
Disk space management
Implementing indicators to improve the performance of the environment
Backup and restore of databases and transaction logs
Understanding the transaction log and automatic recovery
Modifying the default ASE configuration
Memory management – named caches and large I/O
Administering security – access permissions, logins, users, groups and roles
Using the BCP utility for bulk loading and backup
Checking data integrity with DBCC
Monitoring and problem identification

Recommended for:

Database administrators (DBAs), system administrators, developers and professionals responsible for maintaining and managing the SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise operating environment

Skills acquired:

Overview of the ASE internal architecture and connectivity aspects between the clients and the ASE server;
Identification of the needs for adjustment of the settings of the main parameters of the product;
Knowledge of the best techniques for creating and maintaining databases and their respective objects, taking into account aspects of space allocation and management;
Basis for defining and implementing routines and procedures for managing security (logical and physical) and ensuring data integrity;
Plan and implement backup and restore routines according to the needs of each environment;
Techniques for quick identification of problems;


Knowledge of SQL language
Knowledge of relational database design concepts
Basic knowledge of SAP Sybase ASE (Introduction to Sybase ASE)
Knowledge of UNIX and/or Windows environment


4 days (9am to 6pm)

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