Workshop (WDB07)

Performance and Tuning for Sybase ASE Developers

DURATION: 24 hours

Introduction to performance and tuning
Internal ASE architecture
Tools to support performance analysis
Query Optimizer and Access Plans
Understanding ASE access methods
Optimizing join operations
Optimizer stats
Adjusting insert, update and delete operations
Tips of Usage and efficient designs for indicators
Advanced Transact-SQL programming tips and tricks
Concurrency and blocking considerations
Creating efficient stored procedures
Good T-SQL programming practices

Recommended for:
Developers and databases (DBAs) involved in the development and performance analysis of Transact-SQL queries.

Skills acquired:
Notions of internal architecture and operation of the ASE
Understand and use SAP Sybase ASE tools to assess query performance
Analyze how or optimizer select access methods and techniques to adjust or influence them
Write more efficient queries from a performance perspective
Improve the efficiency of insertion, update and deletion operations
Optimize the performance of stored procedures
Understand blocking mechanisms to promote better competition

Knowledge and experience in SQL programming
Knowledge and experience in using SAP Sybase ASE

3 days (9am to 6pm)

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