Workshop (WDB05)

IBM DB2 UDB Advanced Administration

DURATION: 24 hours


Basic concepts of performance and tuning
DB2 architecture
Monitoring and support tools
Optimizer and statistics
Diagnosis and problem identification
Space / storage management
Concurrency control and locks
Performance settings and adjustments
Data movement techniques and version migrations
Performance utilities

Recommended for:

Database administrators (DBAs), and developers who need to expand their knowledge of administration and performance in a DB2 database environment.

Skills acquired:

Identify the impact of the database design (tables, indicatiors, space allocation) on performance;
Describe aspects of application development and how they affect performance;
Identify and describe the database components that affect DB2 performance;
Identify and use the support tools for monitoring and adjusting the DB2 environment;
Identify and solve problems;


Knowledge of relational database design concepts
Knowledge in SQL language
Knowledge of DB2 database administration


3 days (9am to 6pm)

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