Workshop (WDB03)

IBM DB2 UDB Performance and Tuning

DURATION: 24 hours

Basic concepts of performance and tuning
DB2 architecture
Monitoring tools
Optimizer and statistics
Explain Tools
Physical design
Concurrency control and locks
Join and Sorting
SQL programming tips and tricks
Performance utilities

Recommended for:
Database administrators (DBAs), and developers who need to expand their knowledge in SQL development and query performance analysis in a DB2 database environment.

Skills acquired:
Identify the impact of the database design (tables, indexes, space allocation) on performance;
Describe application development aspects and how they affect performance
Identify and describe the database components that affect DB2 performance
Identify and use support tools for monitoring and tuning the DB2 environment

Knowledge of SQL language
Knowledge of relational database design concepts

3 days (9am to 6pm)

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